Melanie & Jose

Melanie & Jose

Cedros OUTDOOR Adventures U.S. Inc. is a U.S. corporation affiliated with Baja Islands Outfitters of Mexico, offering the best of Baja with the highest service standards for the safe enjoyment of your outdoor adventure.

Our mission: To enjoy and protect the natural resources of Cedros, so that locals and tourists alike can enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities for generations to come. This personal commitment is what sets us apart as a Baja outdoor adventure company.

We are committed to providing jobs for locals whenever possible to help promote a diversified economy based on sustainable activities such as fishing and ecotours.

Our guests benefit from the opportunity to visit an exotic destination and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including snorkeling, photography, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and animal and bird watching. Unlike your typical resort or tourist destination, the visitors to Cedros and San Benitos also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to protect the islands for future inhabitants and guests.

The Operators: Jose Sanchez-Pacheco is a bi-lingual marine biologist who has dedicated 30 years to working in the field of conservation. A Mexican citizen and a U.S. resident, Jose has over 30 years of experience living, traveling and working all over Baja and the Pacific islands. He is also a certified scuba diver, trained in rescue and first aid, and has logged many years in boats and pangas. As of July 2010 he earned his boat captain’s license. Jose and Baja Islands Outdoors operate the lodge and outdoor adventures in Baja. Jose’s wife, Melanie Lamaga, is a U.S. citizen and CEO of Cedros Outdoor Adventures U.S. Inc.

Why Choose Cedros OUTDOOR Adventures: 
Thank you for considering our company for visiting Cedros Island. We work hard for you to have a memorable trip and the best fishing experience.

– We offer worry-free and more certainty and guarantees for your trip. Our 8+ years of experience includes the best logistics and partners in case of disruptions or unexpected events.
– We follow safety regulations and standards in every aspect of transportation and operation.
– We give incentives for you to get your trip insurance in case your trip has to be cancelled or other changes out of our control.
– We maximize your fishing time from the moment you land at the island, including fishing the same day of arrival. Also, your trips can be customized in duration and mode of transportation.
– We offer more options and services: vacuum sealing, more pangas available, more planes available, private access to our beach, our own floating dock, more food options, free internet and phone calls, hot-tub (coming soon),
– Our crew receives all legal benefits, as well as pass drug tests. This is part of our permanent policy because we want a healthy, family friendly, and risk-free environment for you.
– We have Seeker rods for use for free, and reels to rent
– We have the best accommodations within hundreds of miles, with big rooms, comfortable beds, and the best views of the ocean and the fishing grounds.

– 24/7 attention by owners on site.
– The preparation of meals at our modern kitchen is under sanitary conditions and customizable to your needs and tastes.
– Our pangas (26 ft+ ) with well maintained motors and best for casting and fishing any style
– We care about the health of the island’s environment (since Jose is a marine biologist) , as well as the community. We support local festivities and activities with donations every year.
– We also support individuals or groups of researchers of the island; conservationists, ornithologists (birds), geologists, herpetologists (reptiles), botanists, archeologists, and ichthyologists (fish),

      These are just some of the reasons why more than a 60% of our guests are returning customers. We hope you will join them!

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