Premium Guide Service

  • Cedros Outdoor Adventures Premium Guide Service packages include panga boats, hotel, food, and pilot-guides. Enjoy a quick comfortable transfer to our Cedros Island operation on a private Piper Navajo Chieftain, a twin-engine turboprop plane with executive leather. Seats up to 7 clients.
  • Park for FREE at Brown Field Airport: step out of your car and onto the plane.
  • Our US licensed pilot-guides have extensive Mexico experience. They will assist you through every step of your journey from the U.S. to a quick stop to clear customs and onto Cedros Island, MX.
  • We are the only outfitter offering transfer on a twin-engine plane, traveling at about 200 mph. Access Cedros’ remote and abundant fishing grounds in about 2.5 hours.
  • FISH EVERY DAY. Premium Guide Service clients typically arrive between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. Fish the rest of the first day, up to 12 hours each full day, and a half-day before you depart.
  • Fish in 26 ft. super-pangas and go for the fish YOU want.
  • Starting in 2019: Commercial-grade vacuum sealing included in Premium Guide Service Package.
  • Gear allowance 40 lbs. per person going down. Gear and fish allowance 90 lbs. coming back.
  • When booking, we will need to know the weights of all the passengers to determine how many people we can put on the plane (typically between 5-7 passengers).
  • Stay in all oceanfront rooms or private cabins.
  • Avoid the border wait on return. Typically US customs at Brown Field airport takes only a few minutes. Pull your car up to the plane, unload your gear and fish, and head home. You don’t have to be rich to travel VIP!


What our clients are saying…

“I’ve been fishing with Cedros Outdoor Adventures for many years, and I’ve always loved the simple, rustic beauty of Baja Magic Lodge. You’re on the edge of town so it’s peaceful, just the hills and the ocean. Unlike other operations that have their lodgings in town, here you feel like you’re in nature. Last week, I got the chance to try flying direct from San Deigo County in Cedros Outdoor Adventures’ new Piper Navajo Chieftain. I enjoyed the feeling of flying in a twin-engine more than a single engine. I felt a lot safer going over all that water. Meeting the plane was extremely convenient. I parked at the hangar, walked a few steps to the plane, and the pilot loaded my gear. The ride down to Cedros in the Chieftain was comfortable and we got there in about 3 hours, so we got more fishing time the first day. We also got to fish a half day on the last day, which you don’t when flying from Ensenada. The return trip was great, too. When cleared in customs in Mexico we were on the ground for less than 30 minutes, and then US customs for less then 5 minutes. No border wait in the heat for hours. After arriving we pulled our vehicles up to the plane and transferred the fish and gear. It was all really easy. I had caught a big yellowtail on the trip, so I was able to take it down to my buddies at the fire station. We cooked it up and had a great meal. They loved it!”

Dana Kaplan 

“The new plane was spacious and comfortable. It shortened our travel time significantly, and we were on the island by 10:00, where Jose greeted us, assigned our rooms and boat. We grabbed a bite to eat, and hit the water.”

-Mark Kennedy

“This year we signed up for the Premium Service, with the plane leaving from Brown Field. What a great way to get to paradise. Early departure, quick stop in San Felipe for customs and on to Cedros. The pilot was great and was very helpful throughout the process. We landed on the island around 10:30am and the trucks were there to take us to the lodge. Got the rods ready, had some delicious quesadillas for lunch and were on the water with plenty of day left for fishing.”
Tom and Kaitlyn Wilkens