August 13, 2019: Guest Fishing Report

by Mark Kosmowski

August 13, 2019

It was Tuesday, August 13, 2019, our first full day of fishing out of COA. My fishing Buddies, Krys & Rich and I, boarded Judith V with skipper Toro at the helm. We stopped and jigged for bait, after 30 minutes we had enough live Mackeral to last the day of fishing for Yellowtail. It has been many years since I hooked a good-sized Yellowtail, not many Yellowtail roam the seas off the Oregon coast. With my Avet JX Raptor and Calstar WC660 rod with 50lb Sunline top-shot, I tied on a 4/0 Owner Super Mutu ringed hook. We arrived at a high spot just off the south part of the Island and began slow trolling live mackerel. After losing my first Yellowtail to the rocks, I retied a new hook and pinned on another live mackerel. A few minutes later, the line starts peeling off my reel and I set the hook. after a good battle, the fish came to the boat. the attached video gives more detail to the story and illustrates how much fun the fishing is at Cedros Island.

Watch the Video from Mark K.


Mark Kosmowski