Client Fishing Report: Wilken’s Calico

by Tom & Kaitlyn Wilkens

August 3, 2019

This year our trip went from Aug 3-6.  As always, we had a wonderful time.  The fishing was great, as was the weather, our captain, the food, the dock crew and the ladies at the lodge.  This year, my wife joined my daughter and I on our trip. I wasn’t sure how she would handle the flight on the small plane but everything went great.

We caught about 8 different kinds of fish, including a 6’ blue shark. We saw the shark swimming along with three yellowtails following right behind it. We threw our jigs to try to catch the yellows but ended up getting the shark. Another Cedros adventure!!

We ended up with a lot of yellows up to 42 lbs and some huge calicos. My wife got her first yellowtail (and 7 more after that). As always, I can’t wait to go again.