Itinerary: Basic Guide Service Package

Ground Transportation: Pick Up Location. Park for $6/day.

Brown Field Airport
1424 Continental St, San Diego, CA 92154
(619) 424-0455

We want to make this a GREAT trip for you. Please carefully review the information below to ensure an easy & safe trip. Legal and safety regulations are in red.

Prepare for Departure

Make sure you are carrying the documents needed for travel:

Mexican fishing license you need to purchase prior to your trip. Here is a link to buy your fishing license online: How to get a Mexican Fishing License

Buying your license online can be problematic.  If you have an issue with your license please contact:
Customer Support: English +1 (805) 857-9349   email:

A valid passport. Passport cards are NOT valid for international flights.

Adults traveling with minors: Must have copies of both parents’ passports and a signed consent letter from any non-attending parent stating their permission for a minor child to travel into Mexico. The form: MENORES

Remember, you CANNOT bring illegal drugs OR marijuana (or any products containing cannabis or THC) into or out of Mexico! 

You may be subject to search by military personnel, border patrol, and/or drug-sniffing dogs when you clear customs coming and going and at Cedros Island. Medical marijuana cards are NOT valid in Mexico. Bringing marijuana products or any illegal substances would put you, the pilot, and the plane at terrible risk. DON’T DO IT.

Prepare for Departure:

  • Pick-up time varies, based on flight time! We will send you an email 1-2 days before departure to confirm the pickup time, so please check. If you prefer a phone call, please let us know. The pick-up is usually between 6:00 am. and 8:00 am, but this is subject to change.
  • On a few occasions, the plane company has changed the flight time the night before, or even on the day of travel. Please make sure we have a way to get in touch with you, ideally your cell phone number. If you are coming in from out of town, it’s best to plan to be in the area early on the morning of travel.
  • Visit our website for a checklist to help you prepare:
  • Seeker rods are available for use by our guests at no cost. You just bring your reels.
  • Our list of recommended gear to bring:
  • To Peso or Not to Peso: You don’t need to bring pesos unless you plan to buy something in Cedros Town (like alcohol or t-shirts). COA accepts dollars on the island, and our staff will be happy to accept either for tips. You will want some form of cash since there are no ATMs on the island. Businesses accept dollars, but you will get a better value for pesos. If you decide to bring pesos, you can exchange them before meeting the van. There are many exchange houses along the S. San Ysidro Blvd near the pickup location.
  • Marijuana: While marijuana is becoming legal for medical personal use in many states, it is not legal in Mexico. There are drug-sniffing dogs at the military airport we use in Ensenada. Please do not bring marijuana with you on your trip to Cedros Island.
  • You may want to bring something to help pass the time, a drink, and snacks to hold you until you arrive at the island. Your ground travel will be 1.5-2 hours. Your wait at the airport is commonly 1-1.5 hours and there’s nothing to do or buy there. Your flight to Cedros is about 2 hours on a 13-passenger plane (no food or drinks served).
  • Your ground transportation pick-up will be at Brown Field Airport, 1424 Continental St, San Diego, CA 92154. You are not flying from Brown, but they have public, long-term parking. If you would like for us to pick you up at a different location, please contact us. Additional charges may apply.
  • Parking Cost:$6.00 per day.
  • Security: There is a 24-hour security guard, but we do not recommend leaving valuables in your car.

Directions to Brown Field Airport: 

LINK: Where to meet the van

  • From Interstate 5 South: Take the 905 East exit and proceed 5miles. Take the Britannia Blvd Exit, turn left, and then left onto Otay Mesa Road. Proceed .5 mile, turn right at Cactus, and then an immediate right onto Continental Street
  • From Interstate 805 South: Take the 905 East exit and proceed 5miles. Take the Britannia Blvd Exit, turn left, and then left onto Otay Mesa Road. Proceed .5 mile, turn right at Cactus, and then an immediate right onto Continental Street.
  • From Interstate 125 South (toll road): Turn right on 905 West and proceed 2miles. Turn right at Cactus and an immediate right on Continental Street.
  • How to Pay: The security guard will leave an envelope on your window with the amount you owe. When you return, you can pay at the operations office. If no one is in the office you can leave your payment envelope in the drop box. If you are paying in person they take credit card, cash, or check. If the office is closed you can mail in your payment by check.
  • Tourist Visa: The van driver will stop at the border for you to get your tourist visa. You can get a free one-week visa. (Please check to make sure the agent has clearly and correctly written the dates, as immigration in Ensenada will check this before you are allowed to board the plane.) Otherwise, a 6-month tourist visa costs about $28. You can pay in dollars or pesos.
  • Drive to Ensenada: Enjoy views of the Pacific. The drive takes about two hours. If you need to buy snacks or drinks before arriving at the airport, just ask the driver.
  • At Ensenada Airport you will board a Cessna Grand Caravan to Cedros. This is a commercially licensed aircraft operated by a regional airline called Aero Servicios Guerrero (A.S.G.), which operates out of Guerrero Negro in Baja California Sur. It has a 13-passenger/1000 lbs. Cargo capacity. Since we are transporting many guests, the airline doesn’t issue us paper tickets, but will have your name on their official passenger list. The name you provide us on your info form must match the name on your passport. Immigration will check the list, your passport, and your visa before you board the plane.
  • Luggage and Gear: The first 25 kilos (about 50 lbs.) of gear and luggage (including fish) is included in your package (the airline allows 15 kilos, we pay for 10 kilos). Above that, the current cost is 25 pesos a kilo payable to the plane company and subject to change.
  • Oversized luggage fee for the rods. Currently, the first two rods are free. Any additional rods are 100 pesos each (payable to the airline company, fee subject to change).
  • Try to limit rod length to 8′ but if you have a favorite that is longer it is okay. Don’t bring rod cases, as they can’t be sent on the plane. The airline company requires that rods be bundled together in groups of 2 or 3. We recommend using pipe insulation foam or something similar to protect 1-2 feet of the fragile ends, as they will be transported in the luggage compartment.
  • There is a luggage cost chart at the bottom of this email. We recommend that you weigh your gear and calculate approx. How much (if any) you will need to pay before traveling. It will make things easier at the airport.
  • Rowan should be meeting you at the airport, but if for any reason she is not there, Luis is the name of the man who will be checking you in. He knows English, and he has all of our phone numbers and will call us in case of any problems.
  • Flight Time: The flight from Ensenada is about 1 hour 50 minutes.

Arrival on Cedros: 

  • You will be met at the airport, and taken to Baja Magic Lodge, our private oceanfront lodge constructed in 2013.
  • At the lodge, you will drop off your luggage and get ready to fish. The cooks will have a lunch of quesadillas and guacamole ready for you. If you would like something different, let us know ahead of time and we’ll have it ready.
  • Fishing! As soon as you eat and get your gear ready, you can go out to fish. If the plane runs late and you can’t fish the first day, we will try to compensate for your fishing time by arranging extra hours on the regular days, and/or the morning of the last day of the trip, if possible. BE SURE TO CARRY YOUR FISHING LICENSE WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. Here is a link to instructions on how to buy your fishing license:
  • 6:30 p.m. – Dinner and relaxing.

Your Stay at Baja Magic Lodge:

  • Melanie and Jose are the owners, and one of them will usually be at the lodge during the summer months. Umberto (aka Guero) is the fishing services manager. If you have any questions or concerns, please let one of us know immediately. We want your stay to be enjoyable.
  • Breakfast and dinner are served family-style, and our cooks are great. If you have any dietary restrictions, please make sure to let us know in advance since much of our food is flown in. For any last-minute requests, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. All produce is washed in drinking water and an iodine solution. The drinking water is purified by reverse osmosis. However, if you are still concerned about your stomach, many people recommend taking probiotic supplements before and during travel to foreign countries.
  • For breakfast, the cooks prepare big, hot meals. Cereal and fruit are also available. Breakfast is normally at 5:30, and you leave for fishing at 6:00 am. If you would rather have your breakfast prepared at a different time or go out fishing later, just let us know.
  • Lunch: we prepare lunches to go for the boats. You also have the option of coming back to the lodge if you are fishing nearby. Lunch options include burritos, sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, chips, etc. You should fill out the lunch order form each night at dinner to let us know what you want for lunch the next day.
  • Dinners: The menu for each night is posted in the kitchen in the morning. If you want more details or prefer something else, let us know. Dinner is at about 6:30, after fishing, and usually includes soup, an entree, veggies or a salad, and dessert. If you would like the cooks to prepare any of your fish, just ask! Yellowtail or calico sashimi style with soy and wasabi is a popular option. We also have a barbeque grill.
  • Days 2-5: You can fish up to 12 hours (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) each full day you’re on the island. If you want to fish less than that, just ask your driver to bring you in when you’re ready. You can take a siesta and go back out again. It’s up to you and the others in your panga boat. The pangeros are local, and most do not speak English. They are very experienced and know what to do, but if you have trouble communicating, let us know, and we will help!

Tipping: Tips are shared among several groups:

  • Lodge staff: the people who cook and clean and perform maintenance.
  • Dock staff: the guys who clean and package fish and drive you back and forth to the dock and airport
  • Pangero: the captain of your boat

The suggested tip total is about 10-15% of your total package cost. For example: for a $2000 package, that would be $200-$300 in tips divided among the groups as you see fit. Of course, you can always leave more if you appreciate the service. Our hardworking staff thanks you!

Give Away
We will give away a 50% discount on a future trip. To enter, submit pictures or short videos of the fish you caught on a COA 2018 trip, with the following details:

▪ Dates of your trip.
▪ What fish you caught.
▪ Where you caught the fish.
▪ What bait and gear you used.

Send details to

We will post these as reports on our blog and Facebook page. At the end of this season, we will put the names of everyone who submitted a report in a hat and do a drawing. The winner will be announced the following year.

Help Cedros Students:

Cedros Outdoor Adventures was started to provide a new source of income to help boost the local economy in this remote region. Our lodge, Baja Magic, is next door to the high school. The school is in need of basic supplies. If you feel like donating, it will be much appreciated. So as not to add weight to the plane, Rowan and Carlos are collecting money to buy supplies this year instead of asking clients to bring supplies. Jose will drive them down and take them across on a panga on August 15, before schools start. Just let Rowan know the amount you would like to spend, and she can charge it to your credit card. THANK YOU. Each year the kids really look forward to the supplies they get from Baja Magic Lodge.

Our Phone Numbers:

  • Cedros Outdoor Adventures: (619) 793.5419 (U.S.): This rings into the main office.
  • Rowan’s Mexican Cell: (dialing from U.S. 011.52) 646.127.2618
  • Baja Magic Lodge in Cedros (from U.S.):  011.52.616.158.5450.

Call us if you have any questions or concerns; otherwise, have a great trip!

*Travel Disclaimer: Cedros Outdoor Adventures is not an airline, nor are we associated with any airline, nor do we sell any type of travel by air, land, or sea. COA arranges transportation to Cedros Island, Mexico, as an incidental part of our fishing and eco-tour packages, solely for the convenience of our clients.


Airline Cost Chart for reference at the airport:

  • Weigh your luggage before traveling so you have an idea of how much weight you’re carrying, and calculate how much you will owe using the chart below. If you’re traveling with friends, you can ask to be weighed as a group, if that works better for you.
  • The airline representative should weigh your luggage and ask you how many rods (canas, pronounced canyas, in Spanish) you have.
  • He/she will then charge you accordingly. If there is any confusion, show this chart to the airline representative, and/or ask your driver to translate.


Calculating Weight and Rod Charges with A.S.G (Aero Servicios Guerro)/Como calcular cuanto cuesta pesa y canas con A.S.G.

Item/Cosa $ en pesos $ US dollars (@ 17 to 1)
1st rod/1st cana $0 $0
2nd rod/1st cana $0 $0
3rd rod /cana $100 pesos $6
Additional rods/mas canas $100 pesos $6
15 kilos gear & fish/ equipaje y pescado $0 (covered by A.S.G./cobra de A.S.G) $0
10 kilos gear & fish/equipaje y pescado $0 for clients (covered by C.O.A./cobra de C.O.A.) $0
Above 25 kilos (approx. 50 lbs) gear & fish/mas que 25 kilos equipaje y pescado 25 pesos per kilo About .70 cents per pound


*Travel Disclaimer: Cedros Outdoor Adventures is not an airline, nor are we associated with any airline, nor do we sell any type of travel by air, land or sea. COA arranges transportation to Cedros Island, Mexico, as an incidental part of our fishing and eco-tour packages, solely for the convenience of our clients.