CBX Logistics To Cedros Island

Please read the following steps and tips carefully, as the CBX terminal has changed from year to year.

Cooler bags: We no longer provide free cooler bags. We prefer that you bring your own cooler bags to transport your fish. You can buy them from Costco, Trader Joe’s, Wal-Mart, Smart & Final, online, or local grocery stores.

The Goal: You need to check in with our Airport Transportation Coordinator, Manuel between 7:00 & 7:30. The average time is 30-60 minutes to get through CBX, depending on the lines, so plan accordingly.

  • Please be aware that going through CBX is a PROCESS. You are crossing an international border: you will have to fill out forms & pay for your CBX ticket (unless you’ve already done these steps online), walk across a 390 ft. enclosed bridge, clear customs, go through a luggage scan, exit CBX, and meet Manuel.
  • Read on for detailed instructions!

  1. Arrive at CBX terminal @ 6:00 a.m.
    • ADDRESS: 2745 Otay Pacific Drive, San Diego, CA 92154.
    • Please text (619) 793-5419 to let us know you arrived BEFORE you enter the CBX terminal. Many clients lose phone service while in CBX. In case you are delayed for any reason during the process, if we know you are in the building, we will wait as long as the plane schedule permits.
    • If you plan to park at CBX, we recommend that you either reserve a spot online, or leave plenty of extra time to find parking and walk to the terminal. It is a very large property, and it can be hard to find parking. Costs range from $23-$30/day.
    • A good alternative to the high cost of parking at CBX is to park at nearby Brown Field Airport and take a taxi or Uber over to CBX. At Brown Field you park in front of the terminal. They will put an envelope and mark on it each night that your vehicle is there, then when you return, you put the money in the envelope and drop in a slot. $6 per night for small vehicles, $13 a night for large vehicles. See fees and directions.
  2. Enter CBX Terminal. Be aware the bridge is long, and there is additional walking through the terminals. There are carts in the terminal that you can use to move your gear. If you don’t see them, ask a CBX representative.
  3. Foreign nationals (anyone who is not a Mexican legal resident or citizen) must get a FMM Tourist Visa. Inside the terminal, walk past the Airline check-ins and you should see a giant sign in front of you that says FMM, Fill Your Immigration Card Here. It is free if you are staying less than 7 days.
    • To save time, you can get your FMM online in advance, within about a month before travel.
    • On the FMM form, you will be asked basic questions. Here are a few tricky ones:
      • You are crossing by land (not air)
      • The port of entry is “Conexion peatonal aeroportuarial Tijuana – San Diego”
      • The address you are going to in Mexico: Baja Magic Lodge, #1 Calle Mita, Isla Cedros
  4. Go to the CBX bridge entrance. You will need to show or purchase a round-trip ticket. This gate is to your right of the FMM station, in the back of the building. If you buy the ticket there, you will also be asked to show your boarding pass. If the agent is confused by your boarding pass, tell them it is for a private flight.
  5. Walk across the CBX bridge! (Bonus fun: look for the plaque on the right that tells you when you are precisely crossing the US/Mexico border.)
  6. Clear Customs: You will show your passport and FMM to a customs agent. There may be a line here.
  7. Go through the luggage scan. The usual drill.
  8. Exit through the double doors on your right into the NEW CBX Terminal. Manuel will meet you just outside the doors at about 7:30 a.m. with a COA sign and luggage porters. If you arrive earlier wait for him there. Once the group is all assembled, you will board a van that will take you to the private flight terminal to board your plane to Cedros.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact CBX at 1-888-CBX-INFO.

Requirements to use CBX

You may only use the bridge within 24 hours to your flight departure.

Mexican Nationals:

  • Passport, INE credential, birth certificate, consular card or Mexican nationality certificate.
  • Boarding pass
  • CBX ticket


  • Passport
  • FMM Form (Forma Migratoria Múltiple)
  • Boarding pass
  • CBX ticket