High-Level Overview

You will need to get to the San Diego Cross Border Express (CBX).  You will cross the CBX bridge, you have the option to use a cart, and meet the CBX representative AT THE STARBUCKS on the other side of the Bridge (at 7:00 am). You will be driven to a privately chartered plane and flown directly to Cedros Island.


Detailed Instructions

Step One
You will need a boarding pass. We will email this to you before your flight and each person will need to print their boarding pass.

Step Two
On the day of travel, you’ll need to get to the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) which is located in San Diego (a few miles from Brownfield).

ADDRESS: 2745 Otay Pacific Drive, San Diego, CA 92154,
Plus code: G2XG+88 San Diego, California, United States

See the parking options below.



Step Three
You’ll then bring your bags into the terminal where you’ll purchase a ticket to use the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) bridge.  You will have your boarding pass printed; you’ll go to a kiosk or to the CBX counter to purchase your ticket to walk the bridge. The round trip price is $30 per person. You have to hold on to your return ticket. I’d suggest buying online so you don’t run into this problem.

Individual passes can be purchased online in advance: https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/



If you are a Non-Mexican National and are entering Mexico you must complete an FMM-Tourist Visa by law. However, if you will be in Mexico for less than 7 days you do not have to pay for the FMM-Tourist Visa, which you can obtain along the bridge or online.  https://www.bajabound.com/before/permits/visa.php.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at 1-888-CBX-INFO.

Step Four
Cross the bridge, which is 390-foot long and meet at Starbucks. Your CBX representative will greet you on the other side of the bridge and drive you to the plane.

Requirements to use CBX

You may only use the bridge within 24 hours to your flight departure

Mexican Nationals:

  • Passport, INE credential, birth certificate, consular card o Mexican nationality certificate.
  • Boarding pass  CBX ticket


  • Passport
  • FMM Form (Forma Migratoria Múltiple)
  • Boarding pass
  • CBX ticket

Parking Options

CBX offers parking- https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/services/  (scroll down to see parking info)

You can still park at Brown Field Airport and use a taxi, Uber or Lyft to CBX.  Brownfield is less than 3 miles from CBX.

CBX offers shuttle service to and from San Ysidro, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
Here is the CBX shuttle schedule: https://cbx-fe.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/api/231688d7833f4155bb3aeb68536aff2a.pdf

How to get you FMM Online

Link to the FMM Website: If you are crossing via CBX you are crossing “BY LAND”.

The below document will walk you through the correct answers for your FMM.

FMM Questions: Answers  
Means of entry*: Land
Point of entry*: conexion peatonal aeropuertaria tijuana-San Diego
Date of arrival to Mexico*: The day you are crossing the bridge
Date of departure*: The day you cross back to San Diego
Name(s)*: First and Middle (as it appears on passport).
Surname(s)*: Last Name (as it appears on passport).
Date of birth*: DAY/MONTH/YEAR
Nationality (Country)*:
Country of birth*:
Type of document*: Passport
Document number*: Passport Number
Document number (Confirm)*: Type your passport number again
Country of issue*: Country that issued your passport
Date of issue*:
Date of issue (Confirm)* Expiration date (Confirmation)*:
Expiration date*:
Expiration date (Confirm)* Expiration date (Confirmation)*:
Country of residence*:
Address of residence*:
Reason of trip*: Tourism
Specify*: Recreational
State*: Baja California
Email (Confirm)*:
Verification code*: Type code

Cooler bags: we are out of cooler bags; you need to bring a cooler bag to transport your fish. Try Trader Joes, Wal-Mart, Local Grocery Store. We can transport your fish in a cooler bag by request, BUT we need the cooler bag handed to the pilot BEFORE you cross the bridge (your fish will be in a plastic bag inside the cooler bag). It might be better if you bring your own.