Cedros 06/29 Report

by Anonymous

June 29, 2015

I just got back from a 4 day fly down with Cedros Outdoor Adventures.

Here’s the details:

We met a San Ysidro Starbucks at 8 Friday, the van driver was on time and happy to help us with our bags. We stopped to get our Visas, and we were off. After arriving at the Ensenada Military airport, I realized our plane was already there! We loaded our bags and we were on the way.

Our group arrived at the Island about 1pm. We geared up, and boarded our pangas.

I fished with my 11 year old son, Christian, and it was his second time there. Being my 15th time to the island, I pretty much knew what to expect, until this happened…..

We went around the corner south, past the salt piles (Punta Morrow), Hit wind, about 19 MPH stiff. We decided Calico would be better in tight to get out of that wind. My son agreed. The driver (Carlos) put us in tight and I started firing a Tady 45 surface iron right away. on my third cast I got freight trained by this YT below. I turned his head right away, and he headed for deeper water. He came to gaff, high fives, then back at it.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

We fished hard until 5:50, and it was time for dinner. My son managed a dozen or so Calico of this grade.


We had a killer dinner, a few or more beers, and then off to bed after gearing up with Sabiki rigs and double checking knots. Saturday was epic. less wind and INSANE YT action. My son and I managed 14 YT by 11am. Me on the surface iron, and Christian on bait. Here’s some shots:


WE fished all day hard, then LEFT THE YT BITING, and fished Calico the rest of the day. They were chewing real good Saturday afternoon. At about 3pm we took our fish back to the dock to get cut, then right back at it. Fished to about 5:30 and back to the barn for much needed R&R. We rigged up for Sunday, and off to bed after a incredible lobster dinner.

Sunday we headed to Punta Norte and I felt we had a weather window to do so. We got around the corner to discover 10 mph winds, which is doable, but a 6-8 ft crossed up ground swell. It made it impossible to stand up. We were stoked just to get that far and started to fish our way back South for bass. The fishing was good, not great like full SPEEDROS, but we did find pockets of 10-15 fish flurries. I fished the Reebs Persuader weedless swimbaits and the surface iron the majority of the time. My son fished a little bit of everything but ended up with the Persuader on the last 5 hrs. It just got bit. Here’s some day 3 shots:


It was time to go back in, so we did so about 5:45, and that was that. Our plane on Monday was waiting for us, we boarded it and back to Ensenada where our driver was waiting for us. The border cross was 45 min, not too bad! Thank you CEDROS OUTDOOR ADVENTURES for yet another great trip my son will never forget!

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