Tuna Make an Early Appearance

by Melanie Lamaga

August 26, 2018

This weekend anglers at Baja Magic Lodge caught a few football tunas. Don’t be fooled by the size, these fish are delish! 

Punta Norte was the hot spot this week. Big yellowtails between 40-50 lbs. were hooked mainly on slow troll mackerel and yo-yo, a few on irons. Punta Norte was also teeming with calicos, which were biting just about everything, including red crab on a leadhead, spinners, jigs, and dead bait. Other species encountered there included sheephead and black sea bass.

Chester Rock was also the destination for some of our anglers. It was a bit further out, but a picturesque spot with a old wrecked boat up on the rock. Calicos up to 5 lbs were biting jigs.

St. Augustin also continued to be a hotspot for calicos in the 2-7.5 lbs. range, biting plastics, stick baits and poppers.