The Bite is Heating Up!

by Melanie Lamaga

August 15, 2018

Anglers at our lodge have been catching 20-30 lb. yellowtail mostly on live mackerel, some on yo-yo. The best locations are early morning bite near the salt plant.

Anglers seeking variety got a black sea bass near San Augustin with live mackerel on the drop loop (then released), sheephead, and halibut at the Grand Canyon on crocodiles and plastics. They report tons of bonita everywhere, caught trolling with x-raps.

Calicos are abundant at San Augustin, biting plastics, yo-yos and trolling x-raps.

One panga from the group who arrived on our private plane flying from San Diego County yesterday arrived at 10:30 a.m. hit the water before noon and had limits of yellowtail by 1 p.m.

We are finalizing our 2019 calendar and will be booking soon. Stay tuned!