Big White Seabass Bonanza!

by Jose Angel, aka El Jefe

July 20, 2018

Besides the calico and the yellowtail, what makes Cedros Island so appealing to anglers is the variety of species they can catch. For instance, the season between mid-August and early November last year, and for the last two years, brought incredible amounts of yellowfin tuna and dorado. That is very specific to warmer water temperatures.

Another occasional surprise is white seabass. I have seen them biting for our guests on every single lure or bait available, and on every region of the island, either on the kelp, on rocks, or a few feet from shore. In this case, a couple days ago, using live mackerel (left to right in photo: Skipper Jose Hermoso driving Ceviche; James Bentley, Matt Bentley, and John Gilkerson.

Update: current guests are also catching some  white seabass…. who will be next? Stay tuned!

What is best is that our guests certainly enjoy the catch, and the rarity of this event makes the trip extra special.