Updated July 4, 2021

Cedros Outdoor Adventures (COA) is following the mandates of the Mexican Government, the US Government, and the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and directives from local authorities on Cedros Island, Mexico, to help ensure the safety of all of our guests, staff, and locals. The following outlines our current COVID 19 protocols (subject to change).

· We encourage you to get vaccinated against COVID 19 prior to your trip to Cedros Island for your safety, and the safety of other guests, our staff, and the residents of Cedros.

  • If you ARE fully vaccinated against COVID 19 vaccination, you are required to carry proof of vaccination with you at all times during your trip.
  • If you ARE NOT fully vaccinated against COVID 19, you are required to take a COVID 19 test within 3-4 days of travel. If your test is positive, please let us know, so we can rebook your trip. If your test is negative, you are required to carry proof of test results with you at all times during your trip.
  • We have been told that there will be a doctor at the airport in Cedros checking people in. They may check temperatures, and vaccination or negative COVID test results. Again, please make sure you carry this with your passport.
  • The plane company that we charter and/or buy tickets from on your behalf has a standard one-page form you will be required to fill out before departure. It asks basic questions regarding your health, recent travel, COVID exposure, etc. This form will be included in the itinerary packet we send before travel, for your reference.
  • You WILL be required to wear face coverings over your mouth and nose during transportation, including planes and vans. You are required to comply with these (and all) safety regulations stipulated by the airline, airport, and/or COA personnel during your trip.
  • During your stay at Baja Magic lodge, clients are not permitted to go into town.
  • Face coverings MAY be required at certain times at COA’s Baja Magic lodge, or on the fishing pangas, or other areas, in order to satisfy local regulations, which are in flux. You WILL be required to carry a face covering with you at all times, including on the pangas, and you will be expected to use the face-covering over the nose and mouth if asked to do so by COA staff or local authorities.
  • There are some very nervous locals right now, who do not want visitors on the island, due to increased numbers of cases elsewhere in Baja California Sur (Cabo area). Therefore we ask you to help us do everything we can to make the local residents and authorities comfortable that our clients are not going to introduce COVID to the island.


  • Visitors are not currently permitted to visit Cedros Town. Guests will not be permitted in the kitchen at the lodge.


  • If you have any questions or concerns about our COVID protocol, or about your own health status, please give us a call.


IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with these or other safety regulations or requests by airline, airport, local officials or COA staff, regardless of your personal opinions or preferences, may result in denial of services (fishing) and/or the early termination of your trip. In the unfortunate event that this becomes necessary, no refunds will be given. As those of you who have traveled with us know, we are easygoing and friendly, but this is not the time or place to make a political statement, and bad behavior will not be tolerated. As guests on Cedros, we need to respect the concerns and wishes of locals, especially during this sensitive time.


We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. We are very eager to host all of you at Baja Magic Lodge, and we expect this to be a great season for all.