Our Gear Recommendations

We’ve fished the waters around Cedros Island since 2008. Here’s the best gear for catching the big ones…

The cargo capacity of the plane from Cedros Island means that guests are limited to about 70 pounds of gear and fish upon return. Use these recommendations to pack light so you can bring more fish home!

Or just bring your reels. See below for our free rods for guests!

Jose Angel recommends:

  • 3-5 Rods (your preferred target or style)
  • 4-7 Reels (we have some Daiwa for rent)
  • 2-3 small rolls of extra line (mono and braid best at 40 lbs test or more)
  • 5-6 FC 40 to 60 leaders if you prefer with swivels
  • 6-10 Sabikis for mackerel with 4-6 4 to 6 oz sinkers
  • 20-30 Hooks (the circle is best) 5.0, 6.0
  • 30-40 Plastics varied colors and 8-10 lead heads (Reebs Lures recommended)
  • 6-12 Jigs for surface and heavy. 6x is good, blue on white and scramble, birdsh too are most popular (in order).
  • 6-10 Rapalas mostly blue and green mack pattern, sardine too and sometimes purple for tuna and dorado works.
  • Personal kit: 2 shorts, sandals, 2 short sleeves, and 1 long sleeve, windbreaker, hat, sunscreen, toiletries.

Numbers are estimated for a 4- and 6-day stay targeting most local species.

Mike Ryba of REEBS LURES recommends:

Throughout 30+ trips to Cedros with Cedros Outdoor Adventures, I have been able to fine-tune my arsenal for Calico bass. Too much and you can go overweight, too little and you run out of what you need.

Let’s dive into rods and reels first. This is what I recommend:

  • 3 Shimano Curado E reels. Tough and lightweight reels. Back them with 60# spectra with a 35# fluorocarbon leader (about 3 Feet).
  • 3 Phenix M1 Inshore Series 7’3″ and/or 7’7″ Medium Heavy
    The Shimano Curado series reels match perfectly to the Phenix M1 Series rods, and that combo is lightweight, reducing fatigue on long days. Leave your rods with lighter tips and no backbone at home.

As far as lures go, I’m a lure manufacturer and have done extensive research on colorways and sizes effective in Cedros. I offer 4 different size Cedros packs on my website, with quantities depending on your days spent on the island. Here’s what they include:

  • 1.5 oz Kelp Sassins A weedless saltwater jig, designed to fish Kelp, boiler rocks, and over reef. Easy to fish and rigged ready to use out of the box.
  • 5″ Grub trailers Extra trailers for your Kelp Sassin jigs.There is a tendency to run through trailers because of the smaller bass short biting.
  • 6″ Swimbaits Proven colors and design. You will also pick up Yellowtail, Sheepshead, and White Sea Bass on these.
  • 1 and 1.5oz Swimbait Heads Matched to your swimbaits, Weedless and easy to fish in all scenarios.

I left the quantities of each out because it depends on the amount of time you’re going to be fishing Calico. The packs I make (small,medium,large and jumbo), cover you from 4 days to 10 days on the island. These are also a great idea to purchase if you want a one-stop-shop for everyone on the boat.

You can browse my website, or call me for any questions regarding your trip. I would be happy to share my knowledge.

Please practice catch and release, Good luck!

Mike Ryba
Owner, Reebs Lures

(760) 7165873

Esvin Hernandez (Pro) recommends:


  • 40-60 LB Test /  6.5-8 FT Rod. My personal gear is Phenix 760H. Super Seeker 6480 and United composite 80.
  • Long rods are not needed on a panga as you need to highstick to get to gaff
  • REELS:  I fish a Penn Fathom 25N star drag, Penn Fathom 25N 2 speed  and Saltiga 30T.



  • SALAS: 7X, 6X, JPOT Mint and white, Sardine, Blue and white, Birdshit and Scrambled Egg
  • TADY: 45, C  Mint and white, Sardine, Blue and White, Birdshit, Scrambled Egg.


  • SALAS:  CP105, 6XJR, 7XJR,7X
  • TADY:   9, 4/0, A2  Mint and white, Sardine, Blue and white, Birdshit, Scrambled egg.

Note: To save weight, 8 surface irons and yo-yo jigs are plenty. Leave the Sabiki Rigs at home since most of the captains have them on the pangas now.


  • Blue and green Sardine patterns in 150-300 grams


  • 50-65 LB Spectra / Heavy 40 LB+ Leader ( I Prefer  12”  Leader)
  • 5-8” Swimbaits / Weedless heads
  • **Fish heavy on the bass. My largest yellow was caught fishing for calico in the kelp (52 lbs)
  • I fish an 8 ft custom  swimbait rod / Revo Toro, 65 Lb Spectra. I prefer Reebs Lures and Pearl  Swimbaits.

Don’t forget to pack a Danilo rig for making bait. A pack of 5/0 hooks is all you need and maybe 3-4 sinkers 3/4-1 oz. Bring sunblock and enjoy!

For more details about gear for fishing Cedros Island, email Esvin.

Free Rods for Guests

We have Seeker, irod and Daiwa rods available for our guests at no cost! You just bring your reels.

We also have DAIWA SeaLine reels for yellowtail and OKUMA for calicos that you can rent for $10 per set per day. Reservations are required.

If you do bring your own rods, do NOT bring the cases. There is no room for them as they will be transported in the cabin of the plane in the aisle. Instead, protect the tips with pipe insulation foam (or similar) and bundle 2-3 rods together.

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