Fishing Report 5-27-17

by Jose Angel, aka El Jefe

May 27, 2017

Expert spearo “Toro” got good quality flatties near town beaches, small swell, high tide and clear water part of the success. Biggest about 25 lbs.

About 8 days ago, next to Benitos and Punta Norte, Chava and Co. got yellowtail in the 40’s range using rapalas and jigs.

KELP is back! with healthy forests at Punta Norte and Colorada, while still growing strong in the banks to the south of Cedros. Very comfortable weather, sunny during the day (up to 75F) and cool at night with a light breeze (down to 50F). This morning is calm flat and clear.

By the way…..thanks to the new regulations that made Cedros a Mexican Natural Protected Area, not a single seiner has been in the area for a long time, WOOHOO!! so, our afternoons we are enjoying the view of small and big schools of bait…..dozens of them just in front of our lodge….. HAVE YOU BOOKED YET ?