Fishing Report 6-30-17, Cedros Outdoor Adventures

by Jose Angel, aka El Jefe

June 30, 2017

With water temps in the 68-70 F fishing-wise things are happening at Cedros Outdoor Adventures since last week. More and bigger yellowtail is biting resulting yesterday in our first limits of the season. And fatter and bigger calicos biting regularly for our guests. Yellowtail is up to 45 lbs now, with average of 20 lbs, and interesting enough to mention with a marked preference for Rapalas X- Rap mackarel pattern. They also like live bait in different areas of the island.

Long time guest and good friend now visiting with his family and 6 yr old daughter able to get her first yellowtail. She is a “natural”!

Improvements to our operation non-stop with the launch of our bait holder to make easy and faster starting of fishing, and of course its worth to mention that purse seiners are nowhere in sight and gone for good, Woohoo! We have seen a marked increase in bait fish and will bring a memorable season for sure.

Weather is cool with sunny days, foggy mornings for a relaxing 65-75 F days. Some cool breeze around the corner, so bring a weatherproof jacket or enough layers, just in case. Check our 2017 calendar for the few seats left, or you can plan for next year, which I am sure will be phenomenal, Cedros style!