Fishing Report, Guest Post, August 7-11 2017

by Ken Thomas

August 11, 2017

We fished 8/7 to 8/11  Caught 15 Yellowtail up to 40lbs and lost some bigger fish that just would not come to the boat and cooperate at the gaff.

We caught all of our fish the first 3 days right outside the harbor,all on live bait, which was really easy to catch on sabikis.

Went down around the south side one day and got into some really nice yellows, again on the live mackerel,and after hooking into a 15 lb yellowfin we decided to troll a little while,  and ended up with 4 yellowfin all about 15lbs on a purple Rapala X-Rap.

Then onto the  calicos, we found some kelp and started fishing, got right on some good fish  all coming up in the 5lb range or bigger, When we saw a white sea bass chase one up to the boat,  i put on a mackerel, and it was fish on.

Ended up losing that one in the kelp, but 2 minutes latter hooked up again, and the picture tells the story, 48lb sea bass. Last day took a short ride right out front, and ended the trip with 2 yellowtail before 10 am, what a Great trip.  -Ken Thomas