Fishing Report July 18th 2019

by Jamie Schoop

July 18, 2019

The last night in on Cedros. It’s been the trip of a lifetime for us. Enjoying the final cigar of the year while waiting on the moon one more time. The lodge is called Baja Magic for a reason. This place is truly magical.

Today my son caught a fish with a lure that was my grandpa’s, probably purchased at Theisen’s in Maquoketa Iowa more than 50 years ago. I have carried that lure with me on every trip I have been on so that I carry a little bit of my grandpa with me every time I go.

In total, Eddie caught about 10 fish with Grandpa’s old lure. Tonight the lure that belonged to Lloyd Henry Busch resides in the tackle box of my son, Edward Michael Henry Schoop. He has made a special spot for it, right at the top, so that he will see it and be reminded of the magic of this place, the stories that I have passed on to him, and the love that my grandpa, my father in law, me, and my son have for fishing. 

I grew up with a fishing pole in my hand, sitting on the right side of my grandpa in an old fold-up lawn chair or on a 5-gallon bucket turned upside down on the banks of the Mississippi in Bellevue or Sabula. An old Folgers coffee can full of nightcrawlers sat on the ground between us. We just talked and fished, sometimes fished and talked,(and yes there is a difference between the two) and other times just sat quietly listening to the river. Tonight my son is sitting on my right side, listening to the waves coming and going, not saying a word, just living in the moment. A moment I know that I will take to my grave as one of the most precious moments of my life.

Somehow I know this moment is one that Eddie (aka big Ed, aka Henry) will never forget. I know grandpa was smiling down on us today, I even heard him in my head giving advice, telling me to leave my pole alone, didn’t have to check my bait so often…lol..

I caught myself saying it to Eddie as he fidgeted waiting for his next big fish. 

Until we see each other again Cedros, we bid our final Buenos Noches.