Bite Continues Strong!

by Melanie Lamaga

July 31, 2017

Our guests scored abundant calicos in a variety of locations around the island, with San Augustine remaining the standout spot. One pangas reported getting plenty in the 3-5 lb. range, in the middle of kelp paddies, in deep water. The seals are also feasting on calicos, however, so you have to find a spot, hit it quick and move on as soon as the seals show up. Successful lures included red and green Warbaits, yo-yo, even iron. One standout was the Rockhopper Red by MC Hammer. Experienced angler Jim Heuring cautions that these are hard to find, so he orders his supply direct from the manufacturer every year at the Fred Hall Show, Long Beach. After a failed experiment with a new lure Jim also sends this warning: Don’t use the duck!

Dean Smoyer, an experienced angler (fishing with us 8 years in a row, and counting), said Friday was one of his best days fishing, ever. Quite a statement! He and the other two anglers in his panga pulled in about 450 calicos in the 5-8 lb. range, that day, as well as an abundance of good-sized yellowtail. Several boats tried their luck in Punta Norte this week, and although they caught a few calicos, yellowtail and sheephead (in the 3-4 lb. range on cut mackerel), they report that there is not enough kelp for attracting the calicos. It seems that everyone this week ended up getting best results around the south end of the island.

San Augustine is also a great spot for yellowtail action. One group reported they got 8 fish in 40 minutes, in the 15-33 lb. range near the airport, trolling with Rapala. Another panga got about 22 yellows in one day, in the 15-30 lb. range on bait, and a few on yo-yo.

The last full day, Jim Heuring and friends reported an abundance of yellows in the 25-30 lb. range, catch and release (since they already had all the fish they wanted to take home from earlier days). These were caught on blue and white yo-yos, jigs and hard baits. The fish were biting up top within 15 feet of the boat, giving the guys the joy of watching the show as they brought them up.

Since this group took the late flight in, they got the opportunity for a half-day fishing before departing on Monday. This paid off beautifully, with several pangas reporting the best yellows of the trip: 12 in the 30-40 lb. range between two pangas, caught on yo-yos; a 45 lb. yellowtail with blue and white on yo-yo on another panga, in front of the town; and a 12 lb. halibut caught on live bait, fly-lining, right in front of our lodge.

All in all, it was a terrific week. We had old friends (some marking their 8th year with us!) and new friends (some flying in on a private jet). Our trips for high season, mid-July through mid-September this year are fully booked, and we are already booking fast and furious for 2018. If you’d like to come down and experience outstanding fishing, Cedros Outdoor Adventures’ outstanding service, and the beauty and hospitality of Baja Magic Lodge, please contact us. Aqui esperamos!