Fishing Report, June 2018

by Jose Angel, aka El Jefe

June 2, 2018

Yellowtail have been at Cedros for a while now. Limits in less than 2 hours, and at 15-20 lbs were caught less than 1/2 mile from our lodge, where by the way, its very calm in contrast to most of the region where wind is slamming.

Our friend Francisco stopped on his boat for a few days on the lee side of Cedros waiting for better conditions to go north, and while here hire our panga for some great fishing. 

We have 65-75 F on land and almost no wind, which is not the case around the corner on the other side of Cedros. One of the many advantages of fishing here is that 99% of the time there is a chance we will go out to fish….and that fishing is also awesome!