Reservation Letters:

Basic Guide Service Reservation Letter Premium Guide Service Reservation Letter Private Guide Service Reservation Letter APIS form (if you are flying directly from the U.S.A.): APIS

If we have an APIS form from 2018 on file and nothing is changed (including your weight) then you do not need to submit a new APIS form.

Every trip you need to fill out the below forms. COA Release of Liability COA Trip Information
  • ALL SPECIAL REQUESTS: need to be FINAL two months prior to departure. Last minute requests are difficult to accommodate, we will do our best. You can help get what you want by getting all of your request in when you book and turn in your Trip Info form.
  • Trip info form is used to prioritize requests made over the phone.
    • So, if two people ask for room 8, the person who has their forms turned in and has stated their preference, will get room 8.
  • Please have this filled out BEFORE high season to give us a chance to get what you want.
  • Please do not make us chase you down for your forms. We have done everything we can to make this process as easy as possible and we appreciate your attention to this part of the booking process.
All Clients: COA Client Info

We need the Client info form to be current and accurate- If we have one on file for you and nothing has changed you can skip this form. 

  Traveling with minors: If you are traveling with a minor (under 18 years) please fill out and bring with you the following form. This form will download not open. Check your downloads. MENORES Itinerary Basic Guide Service Itinerary Premium Guide Service Itinerary Private Guide Itinerary