The island is perfect for kayaking with plenty of fish and clear, calm waters. The diversity of species and habitats makes this a destination with plenty of action and a chance to improve your fishing skills.

In late 2011 we began offering kayaks for our clients to fish at Cedros. We can load the kayaks on the pangas to get to the fish and to move around more easily.

Jim Sammons ( KAYAK FISHING LA JOLLA, CA ) accompanied us on our first trip and his group had a great time targeting calicos and yellowtail.

The kayaks are an excellent platform to get closer to shore or inside the thick kelp on the north and south of Cedros. They are also stable enough to be able to fish a couple of miles offshore to get to the yellowtail.

If you would like to try them on your next trip just let us know and you can use them free of charge.

Here are a couple of links to YouTube videos with Jim Sammons kayak fishing with Cedros Outdoor Adventures!

Below are a couple more videos from Jim’s youtube page.