How to Buy a Mexican Fishing License

    • Purchase in person from Conpesca or at Dana Landing in San Diego.
    • Discover Baja club will buy them for you online for a $5 fee plus cost.
    • You can purchase online yourself here:, but be advised the website is tricky. If you want to try to see below for instructions.  If you have any issues:
      • Contact Rene at He is prompt and helpful.
      • Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the application. The permit is available to print after paying but turn off any popup blockers.
      • The form will ask:
      • Country – Mexico (CLEAR this field first then select Mexico)
      • State – Baja California (not Sur and not Norte)
      • Township – Ensenada
      • City  – Isla de Cedros
      • License Date – the 1st day of your trip
      • Duration – price per person per week.
      • This screen will show the price in us dollars
      • The next screen will show the price in PESOS, it does not indicate it has changed to pesos…. But it is in pesos. It has orange banners on that screen.
      • Your receipt will be in dollars