Michael Keller’s Experience

by Michael Keller

November 22, 2022

Arrived Monday, October 24, 2022.  Everything went great as this is my third trip to the island and I am booked for a fourth next year.  We started out around 12:45PM after being greeted very warmly and had a nice lunch and headed out.  We made bait and headed south to try and catch some halibut.  We had a few on and all were lost, but nothing was going to make this trip anything but a relaxing great stay.

Day 2 we got out around 6 AM.  Our plan was to start with some yellowtail.  We landed 5 on the troll using purple x-rap rapalas.  We landed 5 by 8:35AM.  We headed over to Natividad and started on sheepshead.  We landed 4 by  1015 and was looking for that 5th one when we had a monster on the line.  It was a black sea bass in excess of 50 kilos.  We released and the monster swam away to produce many more sea bass in the future. The day was not over as we headed to the south to make bail and try halibut.  No halibut but reports of good dorado, so we headed to the area and landed 3 nice dorado and had on another dozen. Days do not get better than this.

Day 3 we started for yellowtail but my old eyes misunderstood the time as I thought it was 8:45 when it was 6:45 and asked the captain to head over for halibut.  The yellowtail bite went off around 8:30AM and we were in the wrong area due to my persistence of the captain to head for halibut.  Bait was tough to make and finally around 12:00 we made enough bait to go for halibut.  Sadly the gill netter was out and as we expected the halibut were not to be found.  I caught another black sea bass and released it.  The estimated weight was around 10 kilos. We also found a sea turtle which was wrapped in kelp and was getting very hot.  The captain (Paul) released the turtle after clearing it of the kelp. I did catch a sheepshead. After getting back to the dock I was asked if I had a great day.  It was a great day as we caught and released a nice black sea bass, saved a turtle, saw flying fish and schools of dolphins.  Was this a great day, I say yes every time.

Day 4 we started out with yellowtail and the bite started slow and we landed 4 and released one.  We then went over to Natividad and caught 5 sheepshead with the largest being 5 kilos. Took a shot at dorado and halibut and none took the bait.  I also hooked another black sea bass and this appeared to be bigger than the one on Tuesday, sadly we never saw it as it broke the line after a 10-minute fight.

Another great trip for me.  I went solo this time and it was a great experience, but all my trips in the past have been with other people and in the future, it is better to share a great time with friends.

Service was great, the food even better, and all the ladies in the kitchen always had smiles and a welcoming hola to everyone.  Big Mike was awesome and much appreciate.  Umberto and Freddy were great as always.  Lastly, having to speak with Jose (owner) about the future and the work he and Melanie are doing is awesome.