Hello Jose, Rowan, and Crew,
I wanted to take a minute and thank you for providing such excellent service on our trip.  As usual, the food was great, and transportation services went off without a hitch.
The fish handling and processing at COA just keeps getting better and better.  I just opened a few bags of yellowtail and prepared it for smoking and the BBQ.  The quality was outstanding and the cleaning was perfect.  I did not have to trim any red meat or remove any bones.  It was ready to cut into steaks and cook.  This says a lot for your business, and I really appreciate how you take care of our catch, which in addition to providing excellent eating, prevents wasting of the resource.  The boats having kill bags to hold the ice and chill the fish was a great addition this year.
Jim Bentley and I were fortunate to fish with Jose again this year.  Jose does a great job and his boat handling skills resulted in us landing more of the 40-pound grade yellowtail than anyone else on the trip.  His ability to back down and unwrap a fish from the kelp or rocks is amazing.
Thanks again for a great time and we look forward to next year.  Right now it looks like the 5-day depart September 4 will be best for us and I am in the process of confirming with the rest of the group.
As John’s fishing partner and at an age that I have become infirm, I want to commend the wonderful staff that took care of me and made sure I was safe. Big Mike even offered to carry me when I can no longer walk. Nothing took precedence over my needs, real or imagined.  Your cooks happily provided me with every whim. It just does not get better than the service you provide. Jim
Best – John Gilkerson

Good morning. We had an outstanding trip in early August. The chef sent us home with 2 awesome recipes, one for the corn soup and the other for baked yellowtail with peppers and cheese. We would love to have one more if possible… It was a spicy cold yellowtail dip, served with crackers. It was awesome. If we could have that recipe on how to prepare it, we would be so grateful. Again, we had a great trip, and plan to be back.

Thank you
Darren Doskocil

16_000A lot of our clients have posted fishing reports on forums like Bloody Decks and Sr. Tuna and in publications like Western Outdoor News and other places. To see links to recent reports go here.

Had an awesome time. This trip should be on everyone’s bucket list. No matter how many times you may have already fished Cedros from the deck of a long ranger, you have never EXPERIENCED Cedros if you have not set foot on the island.
Brian Lewis

I have to say that this trip more than exceeded my expectations. I was taken aback by being immersed in “old Mexico”. The people on the island are not hardened to the Americanos and greet you as family, not as a tourist. The kids are all running around happy and there is absolutely no sense of fear that may be prevalent onthe main land. One thing that I focused on was the tortilla’s made with lard…. yummy. I forget who saw me but I was carrying a dozen tortillas in my pocket while we were fishing. I will definitely be back to Cedros (pronounced Sed-ross) Island next year. George Valenzuela / SenorTuna August 1-5, 2011 (note: George came back in 2012 and 2013… and already booking for 2014)

“If any of you want to go down on one of these trips, contact Jose. He did a great job setting the table for us. All you have to do is show up with your gear and beready to pull on lots of yellows, he takes care of everything else, shuttle, hotel reservations, panga reservations, everything”.  Taylor Pantel (note: Taylor has been back to fish with us every year since he wrote the comment above. Still loving Cedros!)

I have fished the entire west coast from Alaska to San Diego as well as many destinations in Baja. including the East Cape and the midriff islands and I will tell you as well as all of my friends that my experience traveling to and fishing isla de Cedros is by far one of the coolest things I have ever done. Never before have i met such wonderful,warm,friendly and lovable people. From the start I was treated like a family member and served like a king. I have already begun to plan my return visit your most spectacular, lovely island (what a find!). Thank-you again and again Jose.”  John Ortiz