DSCN0095Our boat drivers are highly experienced, local fisherman from Cedros. We put 3 persons maximum per 26’–27’ open panga.

If you prefer to fish 2 persons per panga, we can arrange that for a surcharge of $50 (per person per day) or single panga for $125 per day surcharge.

Cedros  Fishing and Ecotour boat outings are from 6 a.m. to 6/7 p.m. We take lunch on the boats since sometimes the fishing grounds are not close to town. However you can choose to go out for shorter periods, depending on the preferences of others in your panga.

Each person needs to get a one week Mexican fishing license before arriving at the island.



Most people prefer to bring their own gear but if you would rather save the weight, we have gear to rent – $10 a day for a rod and reel. You can bring your own jigs, rapalas, leads, and hooks. There is also a small tackle store at Cedros Island with a few selected and locally tested jigs, rapalas, leads, hooks, lines, etc.

Go here for in-depth recommendations of what gear to bring.



DSCN0160Bringing Back Fish

If you want to bring fish back we will filet and freeze your catch in ziplock bags for transport to San Diego.

However further preparation before cooking and/or long-term storage may be necessary once you get home. You do not need to bring your cooler to the island (leave it in your car). If you want to bring your cooler it must be no taller than 14″.