Cedros Crew
Miguel, Carmen, Alejandra, Jessi, Fredi

Tips are shared among several groups

  • The van driver
  • Lodge staff who cook, clean & maintain the lodge
  • Dock staff & translator who clean & package fish, & take you where you need to go
  • Boat driver/fishing guide

Suggested Tips:

  • $10-$20 per client, per day to your lodge staff (total $40-$120)
  • $10-$20 per client, per day to your dock & transport staff (total $40-$120)
  • $30-$50 + per client, per fishing day to your boat driver ($90-$150)
  • $5-$10 each way to your van driver (if traveling by ground to Ensenada).

Our hardworking staff thanks you! 

Dock Crew:
Humberto, Caleb, Humberto II, Martin, Ramon