Cedros Outdoor Adventures
555 Saturn Blvd. Suite B #720
San Diego, CA 92154

  • This is due also at time of booking as it contains important information needed to finalize your reservation.
  • Payment in full a minimum of 60 days before departure.


  • Valid Passport
  • If traveling with a minor, please review the requirements for minor to travel to another country from Department of Homeland Security  here). Some places on the DHS website state a birth certificate is fine for children 15 and under, but other places state that even infants must have a passport. As of April 2013 the requirements are:
    • child’s passport
    • both parents’ passports (or copy from a non-attending parent)
    • a letter written and signed from any non-attending parent, which states explicitly that he/she gives permission for the minor to travel with (name), on (dates), to (destination). Single parents can bring a copy of the court custody document instead.
    • Additional requirement for a minor to fly on the Mexican airline we use: parents’ Consent Form  required by the airline, filled out and signed by both parents.


  • Check our Recommended Fishing Gear to Bring page.
  • For transporting rods on the plane from Ensenada you must remove reels from rods, and remove rods from holders. Protect the tips with cloth or foam. The kind used for pipe insulation is perfect and cheap from Home Depot or Lowes. Bundle the rods together no more than two.
  • Cooler (to leave in your truck waiting for your fish on return)
  • Camera


  • Toiletries. There is body wash/shampoo combo liquid in the showers
  • 2 pair polarized sunglasses
  • Fishing clothes: lightweight, quick drying.
  • Windbreaker
  • A big hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Money for incidentals: tips, alcohol, weight overage on flights, etc. (dollars are accepted at Cedros at fair rate, but ask to exchange in Ensenada if you prefer to carry pesos)
  • Cell phones normally work on the island. Contact your carrier for a Mexico plan.