Biosphere Reserve Islas del Pacífico de Baja California

In Mexico, Natural Protected Areas (NPAs), also known as Biosphere Reserves, are created by the federal government and signed into law by the President of Mexico. The main objective of the NPAs is the preservation and sustainable management of the natural resources, ecosystems and species of wildlife in the area.

The NPA for the Islas de Pacifica de Baja California includes Cedros Island, plus 20 other islands and 97 islets, along with the surrounding waters. These islands and the surrounding waters are comprised of unique ecosystems and species. Some are rare, endangered, or require strict management with a focus on sustainability.

As in every other Mexican Biosphere Reserve, as specified by the law, the main beneficiaries from the use and exploitation of these natural resources are the local communities, who must be involved in any economic activity (as, for example, with whale watching in the San Ignacio Lagoon). In the case of Cedros Island, the local community and existing local sportfishing operations are exclusively allowed to develop projects to exploit the fisheries and resources of the area.

This decree was more than ten years in the making. The benefits to the community of Cedros Island from this “Natural Protected Area” are many. It gives us certainty about the future and conservation of the resources we depend on. Prior to the decree’s adoption, a fleet of 60+ shrimp trawlers devastated the species at the bottom of the ocean, including tons of lobster, small groupers, baby black seabass, calicos, halibut, and more. The decree also blocks purse seiners from taking all small school fish from the Vizcaino Bay, which are the main food of our target fish.

Although there is a price to pay for Biosphere Reserve designation (restrictions, permits, etc.), it is a small inconvenience compared to the many benefits to Cedros’ community and ecosystem over the long term.

Cedros Outdoor Adventures is a bi-national company with an excellent reputation and trajectory. We are open to working with any boat or company interested in collaboration in the area.