Fly-Fishing report of 7th annual visit to Cedros Island with COA

by Jordan Cavanaugh

June 9, 2019

Jordan Cavanaugh

A great time as usual at COA, only me fly fishing and Fred and Jim fishing hard baits and plastics. Great guys, and amazing fishermen, it was a pleasure to share the lodge with them. Also, as usual, everyone at COA was amazing.

Last but not least the #1 Capt. In Baja (and upcoming fly fisherman), Toro DeLa Torba, put me on fish all week. Bass was tough, but we scratched around 100 plus calicos, 4 halibut, 2 sheepsheads, and 1 Sargo. Bass went to close to 7lbs with an average between 2-4.

Fred Knilans and Jim fishing conventional went off on the big bass with like 4 or more over 6.5 up to an 8lb tanker for Fred at Isla Navidad.

Toro and I went to the north end of the island to fish boilers and caves and walls, scratched some fish here another but nothing amazing. Fished a massive bass boil in the afternoon, and farmed something really big down deep, fish busted 20lb flouro cleaning. Got 3 halibut on the fly later in the day. 

Went across the narrow sea to Isla Navidad and then Chester Rock off Point Eugenia. Scratched some more bass here and there, ended the day with the biggest fish of the trip, close to 7. Fished Friday morning before flying out, maybe another 10 plus bass and 1 more halibut on the fly, none of the halibut were photo worthy.