Although it is still rather early in the season, the inshore fishing action in the waters surrounding Isla Cedros continues to kick out a seasonal variety of popular gamefish for the happy anglers who have been lucky enough to be able to take advantage of it. Tropical storm activity further down the Baja peninsula has produced occasional high clouds and humidity that is generally more common closer to the tip of the peninsula. Nonetheless, these weather conditions have apparently had little effect on the willingness of hungry gamefish to attack the baits and lures presented to them.

This is particularly true in the case of the quality-grade yellowtail that have been available, many of which are tipping the scales at 35 pounds or more. There has also been some exceptional fishing for ‘catch & release’ calico bass weighing up to 8 pounds or more.    


First-time Cedros anglers, Bobby Chong, Stan Cha, Phillip Shin and his buddy, Jeff, all out of southern California, flew down to the Island with a burning desire to experience this legendary calico fishery for themselves.

Chong commented, “Even though we primarily came down to catch calico bass that were a lot bigger than the fish we would ever find in SoCal, I’ve got to admit that we also ended up catching a lot of yellowtail weighing up to 25 pounds.”

In addition to catching numerous calicos between 6 and 9 pounds, the group also ended up nailing a 12-pound California sheephead, a fat 3-pound sculpin, and a number of ocean whitefish in the 4 to 5-pound class. Chong concluded by saying, “We caught all of our fish on lures, and didn’t fish with bait even once.”


Also, out of southern California, Ben Lian from Oceanside made his first trip to the Island along with a group of 5 other anglers who had fished there once before. He reported that, while there were a lot of red tuna crabs south of Cedros, their numbers began to deteriorate the further north that you got, so they had little effect in the areas where most of the anglers were fishing

Lian reported that he caught calico bass in the 6 to 7-pound class on plastics in green and red. He also managed to nail a number of feisty yellowtail weighing between 18 and 20 pounds. He also indicated that he took a nice 10-pound California sheephead on a red 1oz. Hook-Up Bait.

In addition to the great fishing found around Cedros Island, visitors to our ‘Magic Lodge’ guests also benefit from the fantastic services provided by our capable staff, which go a long way in helping to assure that our guests enjoy a wonderful experience.

This includes comfortable lodging, tasty meals, and a dedicated enthusiasm for catering to the special needs of our guests in regard to gear and tackle that will help them to be successful out on the water. Got a fish that you want to be prepared for dinner? Perhaps a little sashimi or ceviche? Just ask one of the ladies in the kitchen, and you will be enjoying it with a refreshing cold beverage in no time.

The fact of the matter is, some of the best summer fishing will be coming your way in the months to come. Even more huge yellowtail, big seabass, and halibut, along with the possibility of exotic species such as dorado and even a few wahoo as the season progresses. If you haven’t already booked your reservation, now is the time to do so!