The San Benito Island Lighthouse

The San Benito Island Lighthouse

Cedros Outdoor Adventures offers eco-tour expeditions to little-known destinations in the peninsula of Baja California and nearby islands.

Our expeditions will satisfy those who want to see and interact with the fascinating wildlife inhabiting these remote Baja islands that resemble the California coast as it was 100 years ago — unpolluted and thriving with sea life.

You will stay at our private oceanfront lodge, Baja Magic. 

In these remote coastal regions, fishermen make their living from sea resources such as lobster and abalone.  Elephant seals and sea lions still congregate by Elephcalvesnap-web_000-300x195the thousands and there are many species of plants unique to these islands.

Nesting, nocturnal sea bird species are particularly abundant in this region. San Benitos Islands, with about 2.5 million birds nesting on them, are the most important islands for seabirds between Alaska and the Galapagos Islands.

Your patronage helps.

COA is working with the locals to protect the plant and wildlife species that live there. Many of the products and services you use during your trip are provided by the local inhabitants. This way, your visit will create needed income and add incentive for the local community to continue supporting the protection and regulation of the use of the area’s natural resources.

Your guide: Jose Sanchez-Pacheco is a bi-lingual marine biologist with over 20 years experience living, traveling and working in Baja and the Pacific islands.


You may need to bring additional gear depending on what you plan to do.ecotour4.web

  • Photography of plants, wildlife and landscapes  (please be aware it is illegal to collect from islands any plants, seeds, wild animals or their parts without proper permits from the Mexican Federal government.)
  • Hiking. Boots are recommended. Hikes range from easy to difficult. It can take from a few minutes by truck to an hour or more by boat to get to various remote locations on the island. so you’ll want to discuss all the options with your guide ahead of time.
Trail San Benitos Islands

Trail San Benitos Islands

  • Camping. Facilities are rudimentary to non-existent, depending on location.
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking

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Please see this page for more information about the town, the terrain and wildlife at Cedros and San Benitos Islands.

Our What to Expect pages give more information about traveling to this region with Cedros Outdoor Adventures.