Fishing Report July 10th 2019

by Jose Angel, aka El Jefe

July 10, 2019

There is a good problem right now at Cedros Island: there is a lot of bait and prey for the bigger fish (e.g. yellowtail), which is one of the reasons its been difficult for our anglers this week to get July style big-fish bites….. because their stomachs are full. But, as some of them said, its not about how many fillets you bring back, but the whole experience….and that is the truth!

For instance; Daniel and son Clayton spent a good many hours teaming up and sharpening their fishing skills, getting some action at the many boilings…..and simply enjoying the time together doing something that they both enjoy much. Still, the last day they went fishing their half-day and got their best fish of the trip using live bait.

Also, long-time guest Robert with friends Mark and Brandon just having a good time, as always.

But not only yellowtail was in the target species for our groups, and some calicos, halibut, sheepshead, Bonita, also cooperated to keep them engaged. 

It is an interesting season so far developing and keeping us guessing every day. My only recommendation is: keep trying with all of your arsenal and tricks. They will eventually bite…