Fishing Report, July 15th 2019

by Jose Angel, aka El Jefe

July 15, 2019

Weekly report: Things are getting busier: fish-wise, and guests in increasing numbers.

Yellowtail is biting, although our guests need to work hard for them in a strange mid-July.  The average is 1 per boat/day, but in some days, it has been many more….and sometimes the reason is that they want to target mostly calicos or halibut…..which is fine for us.

Live bait is what has been working best, but in some instances jigs too. Play it by ear, and listen to our captain’s advise, they said.

White sea bass of different sizes are also biting, but not as much. It’s a hit and miss. Live bait is also preferred. In the mix, also sheepshead, Bonita, white fish as reported.

Calicos are another story, and luckily many in our latest groups have been calico-specialists (photos later).

Today, for instance, Jeff, Jamie, and son Edward estimated 300 calicos (catch and released). 
Captains eager to help you find your target fish will help you and work hard to deliver. They love their job, and sincerely enjoy when you get your fish.

Last, the weather is cooler than the last years in July. Some wind and overcast around the corner from our lodge (heading to San Agustin or Punta Norte) so bring warmer jackets or at least a sweatshirt to use on top of layers. 

All and all, a great season is ahead. As earlier noted, lots of bait, birds crashing, and so much life in the ocean. Few places in the world will make you feel so alive like you would feel at Cedros……