1AntonGerscherwithhis100lbsBSBatCedrosIslandAugust15-1808_000This region of the peninsula is not much different from southern California, and it will never get to the extreme heat of the Gulf of California. Expect no more than 90 degrees in Summer, and no less than 45 degrees in winter. In other words, this place has the perfect weather.

We will be fishing most of the time on the protected side of the island, with mild winds and regular sunny days. Rain is rare, except in winter. A windbreaker is very useful. Most days, a t-shirt and shorts are all you need for strolling on the beach, but the Pacific wind can be chilly at times. The sun, on the other hand, is usually quite strong, even in winter. Sunburn should be guarded against.

We recommend to bring shorts for summer, lots of sunscreen, chapstick, hat, sandals or wet shoes, and a windbreaker or long-sleeve shirt if it gets windy.

Our activities are dictated to some degree by the weather, but we’ve never had to cancel a trip. For weather conditions updated every 15 minutes from the Cedros station (in Spanish) click here.

Here is a link to water temperatures.

For the most recent updates on surf, wind and precipitation, we use the below websites in combination, which helps accuracy in evaluating rain, wind, swell, since some are more specific. They have detailed hourly forecast and that is why we prefer them.
www.windfinder.com search for Isla de Cedros Aeropuerto
www.stormsurf.com click on the mid peninsula on the map.