Thank you for booking a Fly-In or Boat-In package to Cedros Island with Cedros Outdoor Adventures!

We are eager to make this a GREAT trip for you. So, if anything starts to go wrong, if you have any questions, if your preferences are not being met, please tell us immediately so we have a chance to fix the situation before it becomes a problem. Contact info at the bottom of this email.

Make sure you have submitted all forms prior to departure:

  • COA Info and Release forms(should have been submitted to us at time of booking).

Make sure you are carrying the documents needed for travel:

  • Mexican fishing licenseYou need to purchase prior to your trip unless you’ve made arrangements for COA to buy it for you. In any case you should have it with you. If COA has agreed to buy your license and you do not have it, email Rowan ASAP.
  • A valid passport. Note that passport cards are not valid for international flights. You can use a passport card if arriving by boat.
  • Adults traveling with minors: Must have copies of both parents’ passports and a signed consent letter from any non-attending parent stating their permission for minor child to travel into Mexico.

Prepare for Departure:

  • We have high quality rods and reels you can rent on the island for $10 a day; we also have Seeker rods you may use at no charge, just bring your reels. If you want specifics on the gear, email
  • We also invite you to visit our website for a check list to help you prepare: and a list of recommended gear to bring

  • To Peso or Not to Peso: You don’t need to bring pesos, unless you plan to buy something in Cedros Town (like alcohol or t-shirts). COA accepts dollars on the island, and our staff will happy to accept either dollars or pesos for tips. You will want some form of cash, since there are no ATMs on the island. Businesses accept dollars, but you will get a better value for pesos.
  • Marijuana: While marijuana is becoming legal for personal use in many states, it is not legal in Mexico. Please do not bring marijuana with you on your trip to Cedros Island. 
  • Help Cedros Students. Cedros OUTDOOR Adventures was started to provide a new source of income to help boost the local economy in this remote region. Our lodge, Baja Magic, is next door to the high school. The school is in need of basic supplies like copy paper, lined paper, pens, pencils, backpacks, glue, erasers, notebooks, tape, glue sticks, cone-shaped paper cups for dispensers, even toilet paper. If you feel like bringing something, it will go to good use and be much appreciated.

Arrival at Cedros:

  • You will be met at the airport or port, taken to Baja Magic Lodge, our private ocean front lodge constructed in 2013.


  • At the lodge you will drop off your luggage and get ready to fish. The cooks will have a lunch of quesadillas and guacamole ready for you. If you would like something different, let us know ahead of time and we’ll have it ready.


  • Fishing!As soon as you eat and get your gear ready, you can go out to fish. BE SURE TO CARRY YOUR FISHING LICENSE WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. Here is a link to instructions on how to buy your fishing license:
  • 6:30 p.m. – Dinner and relaxing.



About Your Stay at Baja Magic Lodge:


  • Melanie and Jose are the owners, and one of them will usually be at the lodge during the summer months. Umberto (aka Guerro) is the fishing services manager. If you have any questions or concerns please let one of us know immediately. We want your stay to be enjoyable.
  • Breakfast and dinner are served family style, and our cooks are great. If you have any dietary restrictions please make sure to let us know in advance, since much of our food is flown in. For any last minute requests, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. All produce is washed in drinking water and an iodine solution. The drinking water is purified by reverse osmosis. However, if you are still concerned about your stomach, many people recommend taking probiotic supplements before and during travel to foreign countries.
  • For breakfastthe cooks prepare big, hot meals. Cereal and fruit are also available. Breakfast is normally at 5:30 and you leave for fishing at 6:00 am. If you would rather have your breakfast prepared at a different time or go out fishing later, just let us know.
  • Lunch: we prepare lunches to-go for the boats. You also have the option of coming back to the lodge if you are fishing nearby. Lunch options include burritos, sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, chips, etc. You should fill out the lunch order form each night at dinner to let us know what you want for lunch the next day.
  • Dinners: The menu for each night is posted in the kitchen in the morning. If you want more details or prefer something else, let us know. Dinner is at about 6:30, after fishing, and usually includes soup, an entre, veggies or a salad and desert. If you would like the cooks to prepare any of your fish just ask! Yellowtail or calico sashimi style with soy and wasabi is a popular option. We also have a barbeque grill.
  • Days 2-5: You can fish up to 12 hours (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) each full day you’re on the island. If you want to fish less than that, just ask your driver to bring you in when you’re ready. You can take a siesta and go back out again. It’s up to you and the others in your panga boat. The pangeros are local and most do not speak English. They are very experienced and know what to do, but if you have trouble communicating, let us know and we will help!
  • Tipping: If you are happy with the service you received… the amount is up to you, but if you want an average see below. To make things easier, most people tip the island staff at the end of their trip. We have about 15 employees, so we have it broken down into tipping groups.
    • $3-5 per traveler for van driver each way (it may be different person on the way down and back).
    • $5-10 per traveler, per day for the lodge staff group
    • $5-10 per traveler, per day for dock crew group
    • $10-20+ per traveler, per day for the pangero depending on how awesome he is.
    • $5-$10 per traveler total for the kids who carry the rods (they volunteer for only tips).


Our Phone Numbers:


  • Cedros Outdoor Adventures: (619) 793.5419 (U.S.): This rings into Rowan’s office.
  • Rowan’s Mexican Cell: (dialing from U.S.): 011.52.646.127.2618
    • If you are in Mexico you can ask to use the driver’s cell phone. To call from a Mexican cell phone, dial 646.127.2618.
  • Baja Magic Lodge in Cedros (from U.S.):  011.52.616.158.5450.



Call us if you have any questions or concerns, otherwise, have great trip!